THD Weight Management Programmes

You can do anything that you put your mind to... but motivational support is the key to sustaining change (Solbrig et al., 2017)



Solbrig L, Jones R, Kavanagh D, May J, Parkin T, Andrade J (2017) People trying to lose weight dislike calorie counting apps and want motivational support to help them achieve their goals. Internet Interv 7:23-31

3, 6 & 12 month



  • 1:1 monthly appointment with a registered dietitian specialising in weight lossWeight, height, BMI, waist circumference monitoring

  • Online support 

  • Endless resources to keep you on track such as recipes and tips...



Supermarket tours and cooking demos also available

please enquire for details


'Pay as you go'


  • Nutritional assessment

  • Weight, BMI, Waist circumference 

  • Self Help Materials

From £80

Review's from £50

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