Sarah Morgan, 2nd July 2019

I contacted Alice whilst waiting for a referral for my son who was displaying signs of an allergy to cows milk. The consultation took place at my home and included a detailed discussion about his previous history, current symptoms and probable diagnosis. Alice then gave me absolutely loads of really useful information about dairy-free alternatives, supplements and recipes to try. She was even happy to check individual products in my kitchen and make suggestions about other items I could consider! Alice was able to direct me towards a number of sources for further reading and I felt far more confident after my consultation. Two days later I received a copy of a very comprehensive letter which Alice had sent to my GP summarising our discussion and her recommendations which was very useful.


Alice is warm, friendly and approachable and her advice has been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend the service and support she provides. 

K Hardacre 5th September 


I’ve been really pleased with the support I’ve had  from Alice over the last three months. I came to her juggling a variety of conflicting health issues. I also wanted to lose weight whilst following the most recent evidence-based diet advice, from a trustworthy professional source. I had been struggling with that too.

Firstly, Alice persuaded me to eat more, and then we worked on tweaking my diet to meet my specific needs. She showed me that my so called healthy diet was lacking somewhat some really essential nutrients. By the end of three month, my cholesterol had dropped significantly, even though previously I had been following the usual advice. I have also lost a good chunk of weight. I’ll be staying for another 3 months.

Elizabeth Bonnett, 11th July 2019

Having managed Alice when she worked in the NHS I can highly recommend her as a dietitian with excellent clinical knowledge and a wonderful approach with patients. 

Anonymous Client, 26th November 2019

I asked for help from Alice with regards to managing troublesome gallstones. Alice put me at ease straight away and was very informative. She was able to answer so many questions and in laymans terms. I left the appointment feeling a lot better about things and am now aware of things that I need to look out for. I was also glad to hear that even my GP will be kept up to date with what was discussed. I would recommend Alice to anyone.

Anonymous Client, 20th January 2020

Alice's service has been extremely valuable to me, she has not only taught me a lot about food and a healthy, balance diet but she has also taught me about myself and the reasons behind my eating habits. Alice is friendly, non-judgemental and so supportive, she provides a brilliant service at a reasonable price and has helped me to no end. In-fact, I have recommended her services to my Manager to come into my workplace and make the office a healthier environment

Anonymous Client, 19th August 2019

After undertaking The Hereford Dietitian's weight management programme, I am now more confident in managing my own weight and am more inspired about cooking. I will definitely be recommending The Hereford Dietitian to those who want to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Lost 5lbs in 1 month and 5cm off waist.

Anonymous client, 5th February 2020

Alice helped my elderly father to review his diet in light of emerging issues that were adversely affecting the taste and flavours he was experiencing from foods he normally loved. This had led to him losing weight. She approached this is very structured and empathetic manner and in a way he could clearly understand. Simply put, she was amazing! She listened, suggested and explained her ideas very clearly to someone who can be rather a stubborn person, particularly when he was feeling as unwell as he was. 


I highly recommend Alice and particularly want to emphasise that she is a Dietitian – whilst in truth anyone can call themselves a ‘Nutritionist’, Dietitians have to be highly qualified in order to use the title lawfully. Whilst some ‘nutritionists’ have great personal experience knowledge to draw on, from 40 years working professionally with food, I can only recommend that potential patients should proceed very carefully and first consult their GP or a Dietitian on any advice offered.

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