What is mindful eating?

Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment, it can be applied to eating and is a helpful technique for weight loss. Instead of eating on the go, so eating mindlessly whilst stuffing food into your mouth, mindful eating is about concentrating on:

1) what you are choosing to eat

2) being hungry enough to eat it

3) not overfilling your bowl/plate (so starting with a small portion)

3) appreciating your food and who made it, bought it and cooked it

4) taking small bites and chewing thoroughly

5) identifying different flavours, spices, textures and tastes when eating

These are just a few techniques to get you started. You will be amazed with how long a meal will take. Interestingly slowing down whilst eating is a theme applied in the Mediterranean lifestyle, which is a collection of healthy eating habits and food choices. Try making a meal last at least 20-30mins, this will give your body time to register you are refuelling and acknowledge when it is full.

Eating with people can also help you to practice mindful eating, where conversation leads you temporarily away from bite after bite. You could even practice laying your knives and forks down beside your plate to help you slow down during your meal.

In essence, mindful eating is about being fully attentive to your food, from planning, preparing, serving to eating it. Have a go...

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