Back to school: A week of dairy and gluten free packed lunches

1. Hummus and Dippers – The chickpea base to this dip is really rich in protein which can be useful when your little one is unable to eat the protein rich dairy food group. Use rolled up slices of meat, carrots, cucumber and gluten-free breadsticks crackers or pretzels as dippers. Add some fresh fruit and a dairy free calcium enriched yogurt to fill them up.

2. Tacos- Use meat, home made guacamole, lettuce, and homemade salsa in a gluten-free taco, add a squeeze of mayonnaise. Finish off the lunch box with some raisins and some banana slices. All finger licking good and super healthy.

3. Hard Boiled Eggs – This is quick and easy protein source to add to your little one's lunch box. Add fresh meat, fresh cherry tomatoes and baby sweetcorn, and gluten-free crackers to balance their meal. They will love it!

4. Egg mayonnaise filled gluten-free wraps. Deliciously filling and easy to eat. Team up with some apple slices (add a squeeze of lemon to stop them from going brown) and a gluten free flapjack.

5. Pinwheel pizzas. On a sheet of gluten free puff pastry, spread across tomato sauce and sprinkle over some vegan cheese and ham. Roll up and slice. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Combine with some sliced fresh pear for an extra something tasty.

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