Alice Johnson (BSc Hons, PG DIP, RD)

As a Registered Dietitian I have a degree and post graduate diploma in clinical nutrition meaning that I have completed 5 years at University and have trained clinically in the NHS for over 10 years.


My area of specialism is weight management. I worked in a specialist weight management service for many years and I have had great success in supporting people to lose weight in a safe and scientifically proven way. Its an area that I love and this reflects in my work and in my success rate. 


Alongside simple weight loss, I can help assess and treat most nutritional problems associated with being overweight or obese such as infertility, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease and heart disease. I also am trained in managing infant and child allergy.


I am trained in behavioural change which means that I tailor my weight management programmes to you and your needs. Its a bespoke service which goes over and above offering generic weight loss tips for the masses, instead I work with you to develop an approach that fits into your lifestyle. With my extensive clinical experience and resources, we will work towards achieving your weight loss goals together, keeping your medical team updated at every step of the way (if needed). 

I am actively involved with the British Dietetic Association and a member of various groups including The Freelance Dietitian Group. I have recently been nominated to take on the role of Events Manager for the Freelance Dietitian's Group for the BDA, which is an exciting new challenge.

I am regulated by law and governed by an ethical code so my work is always to the highest standard. Transparency underpins my work and therefore if I feel I can't help you I will say in a timely manner and do my best to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Please get in touch via my Contact page.  

About me

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