Healthy Salad


Anonymous client

5th February 2020

Alice helped my elderly father to review his diet in light of emerging issues that were adversely affecting the taste and flavours he was experiencing from foods he normally loved. This had led to him losing weight. She approached this is very structured and empathetic manner and in a way he could clearly understand. Simply put, she was amazing! She listened, suggested and explained her ideas very clearly to someone who can be rather a stubborn person, particularly when he was feeling as unwell as he was. 


I highly recommend Alice and particularly want to emphasise that she is a Dietitian – whilst in truth anyone can call themselves a ‘Nutritionist’, Dietitians have to be highly qualified in order to use the title lawfully. Whilst some ‘nutritionists’ have great personal experience knowledge to draw on, from 40 years working professionally with food, I can only recommend that potential patients should proceed very carefully and first consult their GP or a Dietitian on any advice offered.